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Wooden ChairsMark Pfoff  provides training on using technology in criminal and civil trials.  He provides insight in how complicated cases can be presented to a jury in a way they will be able to absorb the information and not be overwhelmed.

Mark Pfoff has spoken in many different venues. Having been a Detective for over 10 years and an expert on child exploitation he has spoken to thousands of Jr High and High School students about cyber bullying, sexting, social media, online predators, the dangers of the Internet and proper use of cell phones.  He has also spoken to community and parent groups about Internet safety, social media, sexting, and keeping kids safe.

Mark taught a section on technology as a part of a homicide seminar sponsored by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS).  This block of instruction included information concerning technology and processing a crime scene, using technology during your investigation, computer forensics, cell phone forensics, cellular technology, phone records, social media, interviewing, and courtroom testimony.

Mark Pfoff provides specialized training to educators concerning the impacts of Social Media on education.  This 2-3 hour training focuses on the impacts of technology, social media, sexting, and cyber bullying on our educational system. He has given this training at multiple school districts throughout Colorado.  Please contact us if interested in hosting this training at your school district.

Mark has taught Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) and Computer Crimes at the Pikes Peak Community College Regional Law Enforcement Academy for the past 10+ years.  He was also the lead CRS instructor for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for many years.

Technology is becoming critical in many legal cases.  RMCF can provide your organization with information on using technology during your investigation and in the courtroom.  As an attorney, you need to understand how these technologies work so you can ask the right questions of expert witnesses.   We can provide you information to help you be better prepared.

RMCF is available to provide training to your team concerning technology, to include using technology in your investigations, courtroom testimony, the internet, cell phones and cellular technology.