Social Media Training for Educators

Mark Pfoff was a computer crimes Detective with the El Paso County Sheriff’s office for 10 years.  During this time, he investigated many criminal cases involving educators.   Mark, who has over 18 years experience in criminal and civil investigations, developed a training class for educators about social media; “The impacts of Social Media on Education”.

Class description
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Educators are being overwhelmed by continually changing technologies.  Many are revolutionizing teaching methods and helping kids learn in a more creative environment.  However some technologies, like social media and cell phones can impact our educational environment in a negative manner.  Educators need to understand how social media and emerging technologies can impact their classrooms, their students, and their careers.   Administrators need to realize the importance of educating staff and establishing policies that address social media, cell phones and other technologies.

Participants will learn about:

  • the ever changing world of social media
  • the impacts of social media and technology on the entire educational system
  • effective ways to adapt and maintain an effective and safe learning environment

There are growing concerns aroundIMG_3331 social media and how it affects our public education.  Students have unlimited access to the internet and social media; and teachers now have a means to communicate with students, without parents knowledge (24X7).  With the increase in technology comes an increase risk of misuse.  Educators need to be trained on social media so they can effectively use it and minimize the negative impacts.

This training covers the basics of Social Media, how to handle cell phones and technology in the schools, sexting, sextortion, social media Apps, communicating with students via social media or texting,  inappropriate relationships with students, how to control social media, dealing with the media, working with law enforcement, using social media to your advantage, and what to do when someone crosses the line.

RMCF has specialized training for parents, students, and staff.  We can come into your building(s) and provide training to your parents, students and staff all within the same week.  Your entire staff during a single professional development day.  Add this training to your new teacher orientation.

For more information about this class or hosting it at your school district, contact RMCF.


Instrutor Bio:

Mark Pfoff is a retired Detective with 17 years experience in law enforcement.  After a 22 year career as a computer engineer he went into law enforcement full time where he became a detective with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Specializing in computer crimes and computer forensics he investigated many major crimes to include sex assaults and homicides.

Founder of Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics; Mark provides consulting, computer forensics, and private investigations for criminal and civil cases.  He also provides training and consulting to school districts on social media, technology, and virtual threats.  Because of his expertise and unique experiences, Mark is sought-after to speak to teachers, students, parents, administrators, and staff in school districts and communities along the front range.

Mark lives in Monument, Colorado, where he has been on the Lewis-Palmer School District 38 Board of Education for the past 8 years.  He currently serves as the board president.



Mark giving a social media lecture at Palmer Ridge High School.



“Mark is an excellent presenter and has the ability to connect with his audience.  This training is vital for all educators”.  Carol Hilty, Superintendent, Colorado School of the Deaf and the Blind, Colorado Springs, CO

“I have seen Mark present to students, parents and educators; he always keeps their attention and delivers an outstanding presentation.  His lecture on social media is incredible and a must for all educators.” Ted Bauman, retired Superintendent, Lewis-Palmer school district 38, Monument, CO