Lite CandleMark Pfoff, owner of Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics (RMCF), is a licensed Private Investigator in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mark has 17 years experience in law enforcement and was a detective for over 10 years specializing in computer related crimes.  During this time he investigated hundreds of criminal cases to include Sex Assaults, Burglaries, Robberies, Kidnappings, and Homicides.  He has a wide range of training and experience in homicide investigations, interviewing and interrogations, crime scene processing, and evidence preservation (especially digital evidence).   Mark has testified numerous times in court and has been qualified as an expert in law enforcement procedures and investigations.   He currently teaches Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), Preliminary Investigations, and Computer Crimes at the Pikes Peak Community College Law Enforcement Academy and was the lead CRS instructor at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  His knowledge of the Colorado Criminal code is invaluable during a private investigation.

Not only can RMCF provide Computer and Cell Phone forensics; we can conduct your investigation and provide trial support.

Located in Colorado Springs, RMCF has licensed private investigators with law enforcement experience who are knowledgable  in both criminal and civil investigations. Our investigators are available to conduct your private investigation throughout the state of Colorado.  Contact us for more information.