Data Recovery

Sunlight Through SandstoneLocated in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics (RMCF) can recover deleted files from your computer.  There is a reason every computer forensics company also advertises Data Recovery.  The specialized software used for most forensics examinations will recover deleted files (depending on the situation) so obviously you can do it when someone accidentally deletes your family pictures or the most important document ever (which took you weeks to create) that you didn’t backup.   In most cases, the biggest factor in the ability to recover data is “time”.  How long have you used the computer since the data was deleted.  Disk size is also a factor.  It’s very simple, if you have not over written the data it will still be there and we have a good chance of recovering it.  If the hard drive has failed due to a “head crash”; there is nothing we can do.  You need to find a group that provides that service (which is typically expensive).

So,  if you just deleted some critical files or found out an ex-employee turned in his laptop with all his work gone.  Turn the computer off immediately and contact us.  There is a good chance we can get it back.