Courtroom Testimony

When you go to trial you want an expert who will provide an excellent presentation and give testimony everyone on the jury will understand. 

Mark Pfoff  was not a cop trained in computers.  He is a computer engineer who became a Detective.  Not only does Mark know digital forensics; he can explain it in such a way a jury will understand.  

Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and provides consulting nationally.  

As a Detective for many years, Mark Pfoff worked on numerous major investigations to include over a hundred death investigations and homicides.  He has investigated many burglaries, kidnappings, sexual assaults, robberies, and other major crimes.  His knowledge of police procedures and investigations is invaluable in ensuring the most favorable outcome for the client.

Mark Pfoff is a court qualified expert in the following disciplines :

Computer Forensics

Cellular Technology 

Call Detail Record (cell phone records) Analysis        

Cellphone Forensics     

Child Exploitation     

Police Procedures and Investigations

Proper interviewing and interrogation techniques

Forensic Computer Surveillance System Analysis

Best evidence and proper evidence collection (digital and non-digital)

Methods of conducting proper and thorough criminal investigations to include interviewing techniques and generally accepted LE investigation practices and procedures

Mark Pfoff is on the list of approved experts for the Colorado State Public Defenders and the Alternate Defense Counsel