Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is critical in many criminal and civil cases.  Information contained within a computer’s hard drive can provide a wealth of information and most likely the best insights about its owner/user.   Whether a criminal or civil case, this information needs be obtained in an environment to preserve the integrity of the evidence.  RMCF (Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics) uses specialized hardware to “write block” the hard drives being examined and software specifically designed for discovering and recovering digital evidence, to include deleted files.  This software also allows for “keyword” searches of digital evidence.
Mark Pfoff, a court qualified expert witness in Computer Forensics, has examined hundreds of hard drives as well as thousands of items of digital media.  He has many hours of experience searching for items of evidence, documenting the results and ultimately testifying in court as to his findings.  He has experience examining both Microsoft and Apple OS based systems.

Mark Pfoff is on the Colorado State Public Defenders and Alternate Defense Counsel’s list of approved Experts