Cell phone forensics and cellular technology

Call Detail Records Analysis

Mark Pfoff is a court qualified expert in cell phone forensics, forensic cellular technology and call detail records analysis.

Cell phones have become more than just wireless phones. They contain detailed information concerning the user; to include call logs, contacts, text messages, emails, photographs, videos, calendar entries, GPS apps, social media, and a wide range of potential data from other apps installed on the phone.  With the direction technology is heading, cell phones can provide more items of evidentiary value than computers.  It’s just as important these devices are examined in a forensic environment to preserve the integrity of the digital evidence.

Mark Pfoff has performed forensic examinations on more than 300 cellular telephones of various makes and models to include iPhones and smart phones.  He is experienced in examining, documenting, and testify in court as an expert witness in cellular forensics and technology.

Mark is an expert in call detail records analysis.  Phone Records – While working as a detective, Mark has written many search warrants and court orders for phone records.  He is knowledgable in the proper wording required in court orders to obtain phone records (cellular and land lines) and is experienced in reviewing “Call Detail Records” (CDRs). He has reviewed millions of CDRs, and testified many times in court concerning CDRs,  NELOS (the new location system by AT&T) and cellular technology.

RMCF uses Paraben’s E3:DS (Device Seizure) application to preserve and examine cell phone evidence. We can import data from a Cellebrite UFED file. We have experience with Cellebrite; which is widely used by Law Enforcement (LE) for cell phone data extraction.  This allows us to review the actual evidence extracted by LE.

With cell phones becoming vital pieces of evidence in many criminal and civil cases; Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics has become experts in preserving, examining and ultimately testifying in court about cell phone evidence.

Mark Pfoff is on the Colorado State Public Defenders and Alternate Defense Counsel’s list of approved Experts